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UTMB points for 2016-17: X-Alpine-4 pts; Relay-2 pts each; Traversée-2 pts


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X-Alpine downhill

The difficulty level for the trail between the top of Catogne and Champex is labelled T3 on a scale ranging from T1 to T6. T3 requires to have some basic skills about mountain walking. However the trail is entirely marked and will be secured with some ropes along the most difficult parts. Sometimes you might have to use your hands for your balance. Some parts might present a falling risk, many rocks and roots are spread across the trail. You can also find some more information about the ranking of paths difficulties on the camp to camp website

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congratulations to the first 900 subscribers on March 1st

The organisation committee congratulate you for this first step towards the finish line. Now go for the Finisher title.

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La Traversée, By Marcel Theux

For me, as an endurance athlete, a trail race should have a mountainous profile and be ran almost only on single tracks. It should also show some variations, like easy sections, technical trails, steep uphills or downhills etc...

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Will you be X-Alpine in 2015?

It's time to wonder. Subscriptions are open from Monday 20th October.

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X-Alpine. By Jules-Henri Gabioud

One country, one district, one region, on trail! This kind of activity allows anyone to quench their thirst of discovery and to challenge themselves! VSB Trail is the most alpine Swiss Trail. It will lead the runners on the most magnificent trails of the Verbier St Bernard area.

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Catogne is a volcano

According to the legend from the people of Bovernier (a village on its base), Mt Catogne is a volcano hosting in its core the evil in person...

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Training according to....

Interviewed by Mountain 40, The French Champion, Caroline Chaverot, gives us some tips about her winter training sessions and material.... Some extracts :

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Official Clip 2014 - Welcome 2015

Back on some images of the 2014 edition. Many souvenirs to motivate us to prapare the 2015 VSB Trail.

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Support an association

For the 2014 editions we suggest you to support the Sport Handicap and Pro-Senectute associations, partners of the 2014 Trail.

Become member

Become a member of the Verbier Saint-Bernard Trailers Association and support our activities by coming to our Annual General Meeting and by giving us your recommendations about the evolution of the race.


You can buy the 1 :25'000 map of the Boucle Trail track, now permanently marked out, in the local tourist information offices. That way you can discover the track outside of the race, to practice or simply to discover the course with friends and family.