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X-Alpine 68 MI 27'600 ft

THE main Swiss Alps trail, X-Alpine will take you through the best viewpoints of the area, with a cumulative positive drop of 27,600 ft. This new route is definitely alpine and will become a real challenge for experienced ultratrailers.

The route joins the 3 valleys of the river Dranse, forming a symbolic link between these three geographic regions. Two main uphills will harden the beggining , passing by the top of Catogne (2598m), with a breathtaking view and by the Orny hut (2826m), by a glacier. From La Fouly the route remains unchanged and goes towards the passes of Fenêtre and Gd St Bernard. Some stops in picturesque villages will allow you to refill your stock power to run across the last passes and the last steep ascent to La Chaux. Quite technical and steep, these last 4,000 feet will certainly call for another huge effort from the runners. At the summit of this section, victory is getting within sight: the final kilometers on the flat will stretch the groups of runners out along the "bisse" before the final descent to the Finish line. The first arrivals might still catch a glimpse of the majestic Combins mountains, while the rest of the pack will run by the light of their head torches lighting the path and creating a magical scene under a star-lit sky.




Verbier (Place de l’Ermitage, next to Central Place), 8 July 2017, 1:00 and 4:00 am.

The route

See the interactive map on Trace de Trail



You can download the GPS file with a right click on this link.


Every finisher of the X-Alpine will gain 4 qualification points (6 new scale) for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.

X-Alpine cut-off times and choice of starting time.

First start: Saturday 01:00 am. Runners claiming to finish between 26:30 and 36 hours.
Second start: Saturday 04:00 am. Runners claiming to finish in less than 29 hours.


Check points openings:


Sembrancher (km 11.6): 02:40 a.m.
Alpage de Catogne (km 17.5): 04:10 a.m.


Watch out, any runner who can cover Verbier-Sembrancher in less than 1 hour 40 can't start at 01:00 a.m.!


2017 Cut-off times:

Sembrancher: reached in less than 2h20min.
Champex: 10:30
La Fouly: 17:00
Plan de la Chaux: 19:00
Gd St Bernard: 21:15
Bourg St Pierre: 01:00
Cabane de Mille: 04:45
Lourtier: 08:00
Verbier: 13:00

All runners leaving  the check points after these time limits will be disqualified from the race and will have his/her chip cancelled.