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Un Ultra, un viaggio!

Un Ultra-trail  100% Swissmade nel cuore delle Alpi
Mezza autonomia, sorpasso di si, impegno e solidarietà sono le padrone-parole di questo tipo di prove.

Sul Trail Verbier St-Bernard, ne avete per tutti i livelli :

La X-Alpine per i più appassionati e francamente trascinati 110km e 8'400m di dislivello positivo, e... 6 punti per ITRA! Corsa in stafetta a 2 o in solo.

La X-Traversata (73km, 4900m) collega sempre La Fouly a Verbier ma, per la sua decima edizione, il percorso è stato modificato e passera dal sontuoso sito di Panossière.  La svolta ne vale veramente la pena:  vista sul Grand Combin (4314m) e passaggio per la passerella di Corbassière (190m di lunghezza), saranno i punti forti di questa edizione.

Il Verbier Maraone (nuovità 2018) 43 km et 3500m di dislivello positivo, partenza da Liddes. La corsa ritrovà la X-Traversata alla capanna di Mille e prosegue con lo stesso tracciato passando anche al piede dei Combins, nel sito di Panossière,.

La Liddes-Verbier di 29km per scoprire ciò che si chiama lo spirito trail ed accostarsi alla disciplina. Molti concorrenti svizzeri la tentano; è accessibile ad ogni buoni escursionisti.

Percorso X-Alpine

These are only the antipasti. You start in the resort streets for a small uphill in the forest before beginning a downhill that becomes steeper and steeper. Once in the valley, there are some flat meters, but be careful, the rest will be tougher. Sembrancher station, managed by the enthusiastic gym club, is closed before 02:40 and won’t let anybody pass through before that time. Therefore if you plane to get there in less than 1 hour and 40 minutes, you must choose the 4 o’clock start.

That is the starter. And even a big one! Hold your breath you have an almost 6.600 ft climb to hike up to the top of Catogne. The trail is at first in the forest but gets out shortly after Alpage de Catogne. That’s the land of chamois, ibex and rocky glaciers. Don’t forget to raise your head once on the ridge, the view is awesome.
Now you have to go down. Let’s get this straight, you won’t run much, it’s far too technical for that. So be careful and grab the ropes put here for your safety.
Champex station, managed by the famous Léon Lovey, will be in the village and promises a friendly atmosphere with animations to give you some more courage to go further.

Champex-La Fouly
A second big ascent awaits you, but don’t be afraid, after the last one any others will seem like a piece of cake. Let’s start easily on a flat “bisse” up to Val d’Arpette, famous for its blackberry pies. You have then to climb up to the pass of La Breya, in a very mineral and wild area up to Orny hut, the highest point of the race. Ok we force you to make a short detour up to the hut but you won’t regret it once at the aid station.
Back on your steps for about 500m before to really go down to Saleinaz, where you’ll join the old route and its forest trail up to La Fouly.

La Fouly – Gd St Bernard
When you reach La Fouly, runners of the Traversée will have left already. But watch out for those of the relay who will have let their teammate start with fresh and light legs. La Fouly is an important station and that is thanks to Olivier and his team that each year everything goes perfectly right. The route follows a mountain road before going along the slope to join the Traversée route, which begins on the main tarred road, in order to stretch the pack. Then it really goes up and you reach the Lac de Fenêtre. Before the Fenêtre pass, it’s rocky and sometimes snowy. Benvenuto! You are in Italy. A small downhill up to the road, before going up again to the Gd St Bernard pass and its famous 1000 years old hostel.

Gd St Bernard – Bourg St Pierre
You keep going upwards, direction Horses pass, that was never passed by any horse… (you’ll understand why on the other side). When you go down, the beginning is quite steep but then it becomes softer in the valley. A nice path goes along the Toules lake before joining Bourg St Pierre. You will find the main aid station at the exit of the village. It’s run by the village people and the Liddes Guggenmusic, but the headmaster has been Fabrice Ançay for several years. You can eat spaghetti there and you can find your dropped bag that you let in Verbier before the start.

Bourg St Pierre – Mille
A long ascent on a forest road will take you to Boveire. You will have to be very strong to be able to run on this road. You will continue on a small trail to Le Coeur, where you take the upper trail that leads to the Mille hut. Those traverses are beautiful but strenuous because it keeps going up and down all the way. At Mille you will be welcomed by the warden and our volunteers who will stay awake all night long just for you. If a friend comes here for you, tell him to spend the night in this brand new hut. But concerning yourself, don’t  stay too long, it’s no time to give up!

Liddes –Col de Mille
This section is only hiked by runners of the Liddes-Verbier race, who join the others in the Mille hut. The ascent from Liddes is much steeper and faster than the one from Bourg St Pierre and the first runners will complete it in about an hour. But others will probably take their time and will even read the information poles along the Hawk’s Path. That latter goes up into the forest before reaching the Erra meadow from where you’ll eventually see the hut.

Mille Pass – Lourtier
This downhill is quite long because there are many flat sections and a long diagonal before going really down to the valley. From the hut, go to the pass and take the trail that goes along the Rogneu north face before joining the small Servay lake. Go down the forest to join Plénadzeu pasture. You follow the road for one traverse and then take a small shortcut in the forest at the first switchback. Then you reach Lourtier along trails and small forest roads.  The Versegères youths will be happy to welcome you there and to encourage you for your last challenge of the day. Your supporters can also find some grilled meat or sausages at this place.

Lourtier – La Chaux
Last but not least! Above the village the trail goes up the forest with many switchbacks. This uphill is a very big one and is rather steep in its first part. When you are out of the forest that’s good news, because it means that you are getting close to the top. The rest of this ascent is less steep with some flat sections to take back your breath. The last aid station will be in La Chaux, where Camilla Haws and her team will welcome you whatever the conditions are.

La Chaux – Verbier
The trail along the “bisse” starts below the aid station. Can you still run? Of course you can! You’ll see that you will discover some new strengths, so close to the goal! The following downhill is in the forest. After the Charrières clearing the trail is like a rollercoaster, to test your willingness. But the last straw comes on the forest road that you have to climb up for about 600 m. to reach Clambin. From there you just go down to the finish line, and don’t care about your style, you’ll be a FINISHER anyway. Well done!